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Wöhler VIS 400 Adv Set Push Camera 30Mtr

  • Brand: Wohler
  • Product Code: 4797
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
From $8,140.00 Ex Tax: From $7,400.00

The carry strap around your neck and the monitor in front of your chest, one hand guides the camera cable, the other precisely controls the pan and tilt camera head via the typical Wohler keypad: That is how stable the new Wohler VIS 400 video inspection camera is and how easy it is to work with while standing on steep roofs inspecting chimneys or during pipeline and sewer inspections. From chimney sweeps to plumbers, the Wohler VIS 400 is a must have when it comes to video inspection equipment.

Wide range of applications

Analyze damage and inspect:

  • Flue gas systems
  • Building drains, house connections
  • Ventilation systems

Product benefits

  • Modular system – components are modular by design to support extensive expansion options
  • Pan & Tilt color camera heads with integrated power lighting easily negotiate bends in the line
  • Digital meter counter with a resolution of 0.04 m, displayed on the monitor (with Wöhler camera viper or cable reel)
  • Mini USB port for data transmissions

Modular system design

Put your camera system together to suit your requirements and wishes.

  • Cable reel or viper
  • Camera heads:
    • Ø 51 mm color camera head, pan- & tiltable
    • Ø 40 mm color camera head, pan- & tiltable
    • Ø 26 mm color camera head for smaller pipe diameters


Integrated video output – simply record and store photos, videos and voice annotations on a 2 GB SD card for documentation and archiving purposes for you and your customers.

Included in the above total cost:

    1 x Wöhler Camera Viper with push rod 30m, Ø6.5mm
    1 x Wöhler Camera Head Ø40 mm detachable, pan and tilt
    1 x Aluminium Case XXL 48 x 27 x 48 cm
    1 x Wöhler VIS 400 Color Monitor EN
    1 x Camera Roller Guide
    1 x Protection Sleeve for Wöhler Camera Head Ø 40 mm
    1 x Replacement Plastic Domes (10 pcs.) for Wöhler Camera Head Ø40mm

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