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The team at NDT Gear - INLINE Systems are committed to providing quality imaging products, professional technical & customer service and integrated solutions for all our customers. We are continuously researching new technologies and equipment staying at the forefront of industry developments. Ongoing improvement in all product and business areas ensures innovative, competitive and compatible solutions will continue to be available in the future. Other specialised products include SCHOLLY Fiberoptic underground Minescopes for ceiling geology inspections and mapping. Our customers include City Councils, Aircraft, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Civil Construction, Asset Management, Defence, Police, Fire & Rescue, Pest & Building Inspectors, Manufacturing, Mining, Tech Services, QA, QC.

NDT Gear - INLINE Systems are the exclusive distributors for: RF SYSTEMS Labs VJ video borescopes systems, IT CONCEPTS video borescopes and fiberscope systems, AQUA Snakeye remote controlled underwater hand held extendable pole cameras, SEARCHCAM search and rescue cameras, DELLON video borescope systems, WOHLER pipe and ducting push cameras, YATEKS Video borescope systems, INSIGHTVISION self-levelling pipe push camera systems. We also represent the range of PASI borehole camera systems and the TVB budget range of pipe and tube camera systems.